Ilya Dimov, a youth

At the Piano


1965 - 1974 Ilya Dimov had been studying piano at Nadezdin's Music School.

1974 - 1978 He had been a student of musicology faculty at Khamza State Music College, which he graduated with honors.

1978 - 1983 Ilya Dimov had been studying in the class of professor F. Yanov-Yanovsky at State Conservatory of Tashkent City (Republic of Uzbekistan). He was graduated with MA dimploma in composition. As a final project, he presented Concerto for viola and symphony orchestra. Afterwards, this piece of music has been performed many times by famous musicians all over the world.

1983 - 1990 He had written music for Puppet Theater's shows, movies, cartoon films, and some chamber compositions. Also, during this period of time, he was teaching the theory of music, harmony, and instrumentation at Music College of Gulistan City.

In 1986, in age of 26, he became a member of Composer League of USSR.

In 1990 he immigrated to Israel. Since then, he had been working as a teacher of composition, harmony, and the theory of music at conservatories of Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, and Ashdod. Compositions of his students, who took a part at festivals of young composers, had been marked as ones of the most interesting and professional. Also, during that period he had written numerous pieces of music and arrangments for chamber ensembles that had been performed in Israel, Europe, and USA at various international festivals of contemporary music.

Since July 2001 he has been living in California and teaching composition, music theory and piano in private and at the local schools of music.